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Here are some works of mine related to digital poetry.

Both the works and the articles are in Italian; as it were, the translation of poetry is not a commonplace task ;-) Perhaps, hopefully in the near future, I will come up with translated sonnets and sestinas (at least, as subtitles).

The Italian works are presented in the opere section.
Video-poetry in Italian are lurt, udam, log. You can download audio-poetry, poetry with sound textures in mp3 format here.

In English I have an old (2000) digital poem: avatar7.
It is quite distant from what I am doing now but it contains some nice aspects.
It is an old (2000) web-designed work of digital poetry. There is no poem-reading voice and I would now describe the text as a poetic-prose piece rather than actual poetry. It is a generative work since it is chance-driven (wherein chance is suitably controlled by algorythms). The development and displaying of scenes is randomly-controlled.

Avatar7 shows/describes an inner path. A man walks while small thoughts run through him, little fragmented thoughts related to his daily life or to destructured imagery. Thoughts run along parallel routes ( a white one and a black one) as if the mind of the protagonist was a cradle full of little babbling demons. If the two thoughts that rise to his consciousness are alike, the protagonist achieves a state of higher concentration and his mind is driven to a place, not closely or openly related to specific events, where he thinks of an important moment in his life. But then, daily occurrences bring him back to the destructured flow of his thoughts.

Only when (and if) the state of higher consciousness is achieved for the third time, the protagonist's conscience will go through an organised path, an inner/intimate meditation. Each scene of this quest has two routes (two active links); one leads downward (toward reality), the other goes upward to the final reaching of a human and existential, not a religious one, illumination.

You can see the work - avatar7 - online.

Another work that you can see is my dynamic drawings (Flash Macromedia-Adobe needed).
The idea is to explore a new dimension of the "traditional picture" by setting the work at the very core of the house: the Television.
Therefore, the dynamic drawings can develop their own stories without no manifest operation by the seer, exactly as a painting hanging on the wall which is not constantly watched/looked at. Contrary to the painting (and similarly to a screensaver, an artistic screensaver), the DVD "acts" something, goes on as if with its own life (as a TV set during dinner).

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